Thursday, 19 January 2012

Rider Bio: Samuele Marini, Sam Cycling Race Team

Rider Bio for Samuele Marini- Sam Cycling Race Team

Name: Samuele Marini

Nickname:  Sam

2012 Bike? It's in progress... at the moment my old Corratec

What got you into cycling My dad followed cycling when I was child (He was a Francesco Moser fan) here I am!

Heroes: Too many heroes...I followed cycling since I was a child, I like all the spectacular riders!

Hopes for 2012 and beyond  Back to regular cycling after having a break, having some good races and developing the Sam Cycling Team

Interests outside the sport  Have a fun with my son (yesss..he is great!!), wife and friends! Relax time with a movie/music and have nice dinners with my wife with nice italian wine and italian coffee!!!
Another big big interest is my company...Sam Cycling Limited !!!! (Team sponsor)

Favourite ride/ place to ride  In my village in Brescia which is 15/20 km from Lake Garda- you can choose flat roads, up and down, and climbs...everything you want !   I  also like to ride in the English countryside when weather is good!

Good luck to Samuele in 2012 and onwards

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