Sunday, 22 January 2012

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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Rider Bio: Samuele Marini, Sam Cycling Race Team

Rider Bio for Samuele Marini- Sam Cycling Race Team

Name: Samuele Marini

Nickname:  Sam

2012 Bike? It's in progress... at the moment my old Corratec

What got you into cycling My dad followed cycling when I was child (He was a Francesco Moser fan) here I am!

Heroes: Too many heroes...I followed cycling since I was a child, I like all the spectacular riders!

Hopes for 2012 and beyond  Back to regular cycling after having a break, having some good races and developing the Sam Cycling Team

Interests outside the sport  Have a fun with my son (yesss..he is great!!), wife and friends! Relax time with a movie/music and have nice dinners with my wife with nice italian wine and italian coffee!!!
Another big big interest is my company...Sam Cycling Limited !!!! (Team sponsor)

Favourite ride/ place to ride  In my village in Brescia which is 15/20 km from Lake Garda- you can choose flat roads, up and down, and climbs...everything you want !   I  also like to ride in the English countryside when weather is good!

Good luck to Samuele in 2012 and onwards

Monday, 16 January 2012

Samcycling Race Team Rider Bio: Stefano Scandella

Name: Scandella, Stefano

Tell us a bit about you:
I come from north of Italy (Bergamo) and am 41 years old.
Since the age of 10 I have raced cross-country skiing.
Until 34 years of age I only competed in cross-country skiing and ski-roll (ski for road).
At 35 years old I started with cycling. I love to climb very hard!!
Stefano doing what he loves- climbing.

Nickname: Skimans

2012 Bike: Scott Addict RC with Shimano WH-7850 tubular wheels.

Hero: Paolo Savoldelli

Hopes for 2012 and beyond: My hopes for 2012 it’s go very fast and arrive 1-2 category.
Interests outside the sport: My family.

Good luck to Stefano in 2012

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Rider Bio: Tom Neale, Sam Cycling Race Team

Name: Tom Neale.

Tell us a little about yourself: Started cycling not to long after my 15th birthday and am now attending Newport University.

2012 Bike: 2012 bike is a Giant TCR Advanced with Zipp 404’s. Not sure about my dream bike. It would probably have to be a Cervelo S5.

What got you into cycling? I started cycling after watching a track world cup on the T.V and thought it looked really fun. After that I joined the local club and got some tips from my Mum’s uncle who still cycles a lot at the age of 70.
Tom leading fellow Samcycling rider for 2012 Alex Avery during a grass track race

Heroes? I think my biggest cycling hero is Phillipe Gilbert simply because it seems like he can do everything!

Hopes for 2012: My hopes for 2012 are to become a 1st cat and to simply win as many races as I can.

Interests outside cycling:Outside of cycling I still follow a lot of sports and when I get the chance I love skiing.

Favourite ride? The best place I’ve ridden is when I went on a training camp in Spain in 2011. It was the best week of riding I’ve ever had.

Good luck to Tom in 2012

Friday, 6 January 2012

Rider Bio: Liam Hallam, Sam Cycling Race Team

Name: Liam Hallam
Liam in cyclo cross action
2012 Bike: At present a Giant TCR for road racing with Dura-ace although hoping to pick myself up a new bike for next season- potentially a Planet X RT-57 with full Sram Red Gruppo. 

First road bike? It wasn’t until I got myself a part time job at the age of 16 when I could save up and buy myself a proper road bike. My first road bike was an all white Peugeot with Columbus Aelle tubing equipped with Campagnolo Mirage- a stark contrast to my carbon bike of today!

And dream Bike? An  MCipollini RB1000 with full Campagnolo Super Record

What got you into cycling: I grew up watching the Tour De France on Channel 4 and loved watching the sprint finishes of Super Mario Cipollini and Djamolidine Abdoujaparov. I also loved to watch the likes of Marco Pantani and Lance Armstrong exert their dominance in the mountains 

Hopes for 2012 and beyond: My main aim for 2012 cycling wise is to obtain my 2nd Cat License. In achieving that I would like to get my first win on the bike. I've had a couple of second places previously although am still chasing that elusive win. Personally 2012 is hopefully going to be the year that I get myself on to the property ladder and purchase my first home.

Interests outside the sport: I love food and in particular eating out. I'll take any opportunity to visit a new restaurant. I particularly love Italian and Indian food. I also enjoy travelling. So far for 2012 I have plans on visiting Andorra (skiing), Berlin, German and Dublin, Ireland- and that's before the summer!
Indulging a love for travel. Djemma El Fna, Marrakech, Morocco 

Heroes: Mario Cipollini- style, an amazing sprinter and an immense personality.
Lance Armstrong- An inspiration to many for overcoming cancer and going on to becoming the most successful Tour De France rider in the events history.

Favourite ride/ place to ride. I love to head out west from Nottingham out towards Crich, Belper and into the Peak District. I'm not a climber by build but particularly enjoy the many climbs that the Peak District has to offer- particularly the area's around Bakewell and Hathersage. 

Rider Bio: Alex Avery, Sam Cycling Race Team

Name: Alex Avery 

Tell us a bit about you: Started cycling in 2008, won Lincolnshire Juvenile 25mile TT Champs in 2009. Attend University of Derby studying Business Studies. 

Nickname: Avery 

2012 Bike: a Karbona built with Campag Veloce group set and a pair of plain carbon wheels

And Dream Bike: Dream bike would have to be a Wilier Cento 1 SLR.
Image courtesy of

What got you into cycling: No joke: My Grandma rides a bike to get around and in the Summer of 2007, I went for a 3 or 4 mile ride with her. I was knackered at the end of it and I rode throughout the summer of 2007, joined my local club in 2008 and then got bitten by the bug! My Dad rode in the 70s and 80s so he has helped me get into it as well.

Heroes: Thomas Voeckler (pictured below), Sylvain Chavenel, Tom Boonen, Mark Cavendish

Thomas Voeckler in Yellow at the Tour De France courtesy of  petitbrun (CC Flickr)

Hopes for 2012 and beyond: Win at least one Road Race, continue improving. After 2012, hope the results keep on coming and one day become a pro. Oh yeah and get a Degree (haha)!

Interests outside the sport: Socialising, seeing friends, that sort of thing 

Favourite ride/ place to ride: Since moving to Derby, I love riding around the Peak District, the Matlock, Bakewell area but when I'm home I enjoy a riding with a few mates and sprinting to just about every sign we see!

Good luck to Alex in 2012 

The Line-up for Samcycling in 2012

Welcome to the Race Team Blog

We're please to announce that the riders that will feature on the team for 2012 in alphabetical order are;

Alex Avery
Liam Hallam
Tom Neale
Samuele Marini
Stefano Scandella

Here's hoping for a successful 2012 and onwards for the team.

Over the coming weeks we'll be introducing the riders and a little bit about them to you.

Monday, 2 January 2012

2012- training now starts in earnest for the Samcycling Race Team

It's the start of 2012 and for many riders it's now around 2 months to the first races of the season and for the Race Team it's no different.

Christmas is now over and many riders have different priorities over the festive season. In some cases the priority is not to do too too much and come down with a 'Christmas Cold' which is a curse for all cyclists at this time of the year- especially as it's the time of the year we all feel we need to be doing more!

Over the next few weeks we will announce details of the Samcycling Race Team Riders for 2012 and a little about them so you can get to know them better.

All the best for 2012